X-Ray Fusion Flux

X-Ray Fusion Flux

AfriFusion are dedicated to assisting users of X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF). This spectroscopic method is employed for elemental analysis as it enables determination of the inorganic components in a substance or product.

XRF analysis is applied throughout the entire quality assurance industry as well as in institutions and authorities that monitor regulatory compliance.

We offer a complete range of accessories, including cups and foils for liquid analysis, chemicals and additives (e.g. lithium borates and binders) and calibration standards (CRM).

We offer a wide range of sample preparation equipment including fusion equipment, presses and automatic dosing machines.

Our services include commercial XRF analysis, installation of calibrations, organization of round robins and worldwide technical service.

Shop our range of Additive and Oxidisers, granular fusion flux, micro-bead fusion flux and pre-weighed fluxes and additives

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