About Us

AfriFusion (Pty) Ltd was formed in June 2011 through the simultaneous acquisition of various world leading agencies and their product ranges, giving AfriFusion the sole distribution rights for the sale and service of these products in the South African market.

We identified a definite need for a reliable and reputable supplier of sample preparation equipment, standards and development for analytical methods such as XRF and ICP. We aimed to fill the void that existed in the market by offering not only highest quality products at the most affordable prices, but also by providing customers with pre and post-sale service and support on a wide range of sample preparation and fusion equipment.

AfriFusion is a B-BBEE empowered company that fully complies with the regulations as set out in the Mining Charter of South Africa. We strive to maintain the best possible rating at all times through sound economic and social strategies, while always placing a special emphasis on transformation.

Vision Statement - Laboratory Chemicals

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide extraordinary products at affordable prices

Mission Statement

AfriFusion adopts a three-dimensional mission model, with each being as integral to our success as the next.

Product Mission


Provide customers the finest quality products in the most efficient time.

Service and Support Mission

Service and
Support Mission

Provide customers with the highest standard of support and after sale service


Operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic decisions and strategies together with a special emphasis on transformation.

Business Goals

Business goals & Objectives

Specific goals that the company wants to achieve/ are working to achieve. AfriFusion has set various goals that we are working to achieve:

• Growth of 15-20% per annum for the next 3 years
• Obtain ISO 9001 Certification
• Launch of new product ranges into niche markets within the next year



All members at AfriFusion share a similar value structure that keeps us working in harmony:

• Strive for equality
• Embrace diverse groups of people
• Support personal growth
• Promote honesty and integrity
• Promote reliability

Growth Strategy

AfriFusion adopts the organic growth as well as diversification strategies within the company.

Organic Strategy

AfriFusion will aim to grow organically by achieving increasing output and enhancing sales. Expansion of AfriFusion’s operations from its own (internally generated) resources, without resorting to borrowing.

Diversification Strategy

Diversification Strategy

AfriFusion aims to grow its business by means of natural diversification progression. Natural progression will be achieved by acquiring complimentary products to the existing portfolio through the natural operations of business.