The Scoria System

The SELFRAG Scoria is the new, fully continuous, modular production equipment from SELFRAG.


The Scoria is the new, fully continuous, modular production equipment from SELFRAG.

Featuring two generators above process zones designed for the transport and fragmentation of bulky materials such as rock, concrete or industrial slags, Scoria is ideal for low throughout, high value, or complex materials where traditional crushing is too intensive or unfeasible.

The Scoria can be containerised to act as a stand alone plant or integrated into existing or new processing circuits. Multiple plants can operate in series or parallel for ‘always on’ capability.


The Scoria is designed for the continuous fragmentation of bulky materials -50mm in size, and is perfect for treating concrete, incinerator bottom ash, industrial slag by-products, metal and non-metal ores. The scoria is also suitable for the weakening of material before further treatment.

The generators supply 10 discharges per second at 180 kV to weaken and fragment your material along grain boundaries, liberating the target mineral or metal and readying it for separation.

Each generator is capable of delivering 10kW energy per hour to your material, and you can decide how much energy your material gets by varying conveyor speed. You can treat one ton with the full 10kW, or increase throughput to 5 tons per hour, with each ton of material receiving 2kW of energy. The Scoria system is available in both containerised and free standing units.



•Max throughput c.2 t/h @ 0.5 –8kWh/t (variable)

•Containerised (optional)

•Switch on/Switch off capability ideally suited for small scale and pilot operations

•Selective breakage


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