Selfrag LAB

The SELFRAG Lab is a laboratory scale solution for selective fragmentation.


The SELFRAG Lab is a laboratory scale solution for selective fragmentation. The Lab uses a SELFRAG high voltage pulse power generator to fragment batches of material and liberate individual components from the whole, whether rock or electronic waste. The Lab is self-contained, compact, and constructed in Switzerland to meet all EU health and safety regulations. The Lab system is ideal for use in geosciences, mining and recycling research.


Self-contained, compact, semi-automated device, designed for installation on level, solid ground in interiors. Constructed in accordance with EU standards.
Outer Dimensions

Max. L x W x H

Clear ceiling height

Total weight

237 x 87 x 206 cm

250 cm

2250 kg

Operating Conditions

Working temperature

Ambient conditions when not operating

Humidity max

12 – 32 °C

4 – 40 °C


Required telecommunications infrastructure
For remote customer support a LAN connection is required (internet connection RJ45)
Control, user interface

PLC with graphic touch panel. User information:

– Process status

– Diagnostic information


Voltage (output impulse generator)

Pulse frequency

Working electrode gap

90 – 200 kV

1 – 5 Hz

10 – 40 mm

Required utilities

Gas loop:

– Dry Nitrogen (N2) Class 4.5

7 bar
Electrical energy

– Connection (3-phase, Neutral, Ground – 3L-N-PE) *Other net voltages can be supplied by using a transformer

400V* +/- 10% / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption

– Peak power consumption

– Current

– Standby mode

max. 6 kW

max. 7 kVA

max. 10 A

max. 0.2 kW


Sound pressure level (Leql)

At stand-by

During processing

Sound exposure level (LEX)






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