P712 Benchtop Conductivity Meter

P712 Benchtop Conductivity Meter

Item No.: P712
Measuring range: Conductivity: 0.00μS/cm-200.0mS/cm, TDS:(0 ~
100)g/L, Salinity:(0 ~ 100)ppt, Resistivity:(0 ~ 100)MΩ·cm
Resolution: 0.01/0.1/1μS/cm; 0.01/0.1mS/cm
Accuracy: Electrode: ±1.0% FS, Meter: ±1.5% FS


  1. 6.5-inch LED screen with concise and friendly-use interface.
  2. Built-in microprocessor chip has Intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, ATC, data storage, clock display, USB
    output, function settings, wireless printing, and self-diagnosis information, etc.
  3. It supports wireless Bluetooth printing. Real-me data transfer to mobile phone via Bluetooth is optional.
  4. Smart electrode status display to ensure accurate use.
  5. Adopt advanced conductivity measurement technology, with conductivity electrode (K=1), it can meet measuring
    accuracy requirement for range of 0.5μS/cm ~ 200mS/cm.
  6. Ability to switch among conductivity, TDS, salinity and resisvity. Multinomial calculation for TDS and salinity to ensure
    the conversion precision of the full range.
  7. With ATC conductivity electrode, Its measurement result is fast and precise.
  8. Omron long lasting and light touch key can be used more than 100,000 mes.
  9. Auto recognition of 8 conductivity standard solution with 2 kinds of options: Europe & USA, and China.
  10. Can store 1000 sets of test data, which can be saved and transferred to USB memory stick and opened with Excel.


Conductivity Measuring range Conductivity:
TDS:(0 ~ 100)g/L
Salinity:(0 ~ 100)ppt
Resisvity:(0 ~ 100)MΩ·cm
Resolution 0.01/0.1/1μS/cm; 0.01/0.1mS/cm
Accuracy Electrode: ±1.0% FS, Meter: ±1.5% FS
Temp. compensation range (0 ~ 50)℃, auto
Electrode constant 0.1 / 1 / 10 cm-1
Reference Temp. 25℃、20℃、18℃
Temperature Range (-10 ~ 110)℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Accuracy 5 ~ 60℃:±0.5℃ Others: ±1.0℃
Other Parameters Display 6.5-inch LED screen
Data storage 1000 sets
Power 12V (110-220, 50-60Hz adapter)
Communication interface USB, RS232, Bluetooth
Dimensions & Weight 240×170×70mm/600g
Working Conditions Temperature Temperature
IP grade
Meter Kits 1) Conductivity meter
2) Electrode holder
3) Two-in-one electrode that consists of Platinum black electrode (K=1) and temperature probe.
4) Power adapter

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