7800 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

The 7800 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is a fully automatic analyser. It can be flexibly equipped with an optional graphite furnace, auto sampler and hydride generator. Unique optical mechanical design, safe and convenient flame system, optional background correction technologies, as well as convenient functions provided by the workstation, suit your pursuit of automatic and precise test results.

The multi-media graphite furnace visual system can monitor the sample’s dynamic evolution during drying, ashing and residue burning process in the graphite tube. It enables convenient observation of the auto sampler’s capillary injection needle reaching the best position and depth in the tube, as well as the position of the platform placed in the graphite tube. It ensures analysis precision and graphite tube’s lifetime.

Sensitive and Reliable

  • Electronic control of flame gas flow.
  • Closed & isolated optical system.
  • Suspension type of optical platform design.
  • Power control of graphite furnace temperature programming

 Compact and Easy to Use

  • Stack design of combined flame and graphite furnace makes the system compact, 10 seconds to complete flame/graphite furnace switch.
  • High-performance auto sampler conveniently and reliably improves laboratory efficiency.
  • Intelligent EZPectrumTM workstation provides simple and easy-to-use user experience and laboratory standard requirements.

Flexible Configuration

  • Flame only, graphite furnace only, and combined flame & graphite furnace are available according to demand.
  • One instrument has multifunctional configuration of flame, graphite furnace and hydride generator.
  • 6-lamp turret meets the requirement of multi-element analysis.
  • Complete optional accessories support the instrument’s upgrade and extension.

Convenient Operation

  • National initiative visual system of atomization in graphite furnace.
  • Dynamically monitor drying, ashing and atomization process.
  • Intuitively control the depth and position of sampling.
  • Perfectly demonstrate graphite furnace sampling.

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