Vertical Auto Desiccator

Vertical Auto Desiccator

The Auto C desiccator adopts a high-performance dehumidification cation unit (ED-1) which maintains the internal humidity at 30% to 40%RH. The fully automatic system makes the replacement of silica gel unnecessary, making it perfect for long-term storage.




Code Model Specification
0001 Auto C-3B Latch door type Shelf plate 3 plates
0002 Auto C-3W Latch door type Shelf plate 3 plates
0003 Auto C-3BS Latch door type Shelf plate 3 plates
0004 Spare Shelf board (for C-3)



– High-performance dehumidification cation unit (ED-1)

– Fully automatic system

– Improved dehumidification capability by adoption of a fan for internal air circulation convection flow.

– Adjustable shelf plates

– Front door hygrometer


Outer Dimensions 312W × 390D × 617H mm
Effective Inner Dimensions 255W × 332D × 428H mm
Material Body Cabinet: PVC; Frame: ABS
Power Source AC100V; 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 9W
Weight Approx. 7Kg


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