Glassware Drier

Glassware Drier

This range of growth chambers have been designed for experimentation in the growth of plants, animals and insects. The controls are easy to set for all desired parameters of light and temperature. Electronic P.I.D temperature control with digital indication of set and process value.  Fully adjustable day/night and temperature time settings High accuracy pt 100 temperature.


Wall or bench mounting for the rapid drying of laboratory glassware such as cylinders and flasks which are otherwise difficult to dry. It is made of a stainless steel body with incolloy heating elements. Unit provide with two (2) chrome plated wire shelves and a toughened glass sliding doors on both slides. Variable heat control via energy regulator.


Model Voltage






Internal Dimensions

WxHxD  mm

External Dimension

WxHxD  mm


Internal Volume


310 230/50 1000 27 965x410x510 1035x510x518 180


  • Grade 304 stainless steel body construction
  • Reliable incolloy heating elements
  • Unit provided with 2 chrome plated wire shelves
  • Toughened glass sliding doors on both sides for ease of access
  • Variable heat control via energy regulator


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