Filter Presses

Filter Presses

This range of growth chambers have been designed for experimentation in the growth of plants, animals and insects. The controls are easy to set for all desired parameters of light and temperature. Electronic P.I.D temperature control with digital indication of set and process value.  Fully adjustable day/night and temperature time settings High accuracy pt 100 temperature.


A filter press is a tool used in separation processes, specifically in solid/liquid separation using the principle of pressure drive, provided by a slurry pump. The filter press is used in fixed-volume and batch operations, which means that the operation must be stopped to discharge the filter cake before the next batch can be started. The major components of a filter press are the skeleton and the filter pack. The skeleton holds the filter pack together while pressure is being


Model Mass


External Dimensions

WxHxD mm

Barrel Dimensions

HxOD mm

661 53 432x700x415 300×200
662 63 470x700x452 300×250
663 72 511x700x509 300×300


  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • 304 stainless steel barrel prevents rust
  • 2 toggle clamps, clamping the drum down
  • Barrel rotates 360°
  • Easy lifting mechanisms on lid rotates 360°
  • Easy to lift barrel with heavy duty handle
  • 5 bar safety valve
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