These water baths and accessories are ideally suited to all general laboratory applications. All baths together with the optional accessories are designed to be used with the complementary circulators. Cooling baths are used extensively in organic chemistry for a variety of reasons. The low temperature of these baths is determined both by the appropriate use of solvent as well as a cryogenic agent such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice (CO2) or ice. Most of these methods require continuous monitoring to ensure the temperature remains steady. For longer or unmonitored reactions, it may be best to invest in a cryocooler. Temperatures between -20 and -80° can be obtained using varied mixtures of ethylene glycol and ethanol over dry ice.


Model Mass


External Dimensions

WxHxD mm

Internal Dimensions

WxHxD mm

Tank Capacity


130 7.5 310x260x345 225x200x300 14
132 14.5 640x260x345 560x200x300 34
132A 15 790x260x345 710x200x300 40


  • All bodies are constructed from corrosion protected mild steel with an epoxy powder coated finish
  • Inner tanks are manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel for exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Optional gabled lids and height reducers manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel
  • All height reducers easily adjustable
  • Specially designed gable lid to ensure no direct dripping of condensate


  • Height Reducer Adjustable 50 – 90mm
  • Stainless Steel Gabled Lid


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