AR8028F Small Filtering Crucible (Nominal: H=1.05″ OD: 1″)

AR8028F Small Filtering Crucible (Nominal: H=1.05″ OD: 1″)

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Alpha Resources®  produces industry-leading quality ceramic products compatible with most OEM analyzers, including: Bruker®. Elementar®, ELTRA®, Gerhardt®, Velp®, Costech®, Horiba®, and LECO®.

Our ceramic products are made using proprietary formulas developed through over 40 years of manufacturing experience, resulting in consistent low blank values with strong durability. Alpha Resources ceramic products are offered in a variety of pack sizes and packaging to specifically meet the needs of individual laboratories;  we offer options from the easy-to-use and access foil bag (which we pioneered) to traditional foil wrapped rolls for lower blanks.

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