AR5430 Nickel Combustion Boats (L=54mm, W=18mm, H=13.3mm)

AR5430 Nickel Combustion Boats (L=54mm, W=18mm, H=13.3mm)

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Alpha Resources® offers boat and liner options including both ceramic or glazed ceramic as well as options for quartz and nickel boats and liners.

Alpha Resources produces OEM quality ceramic products at below OEM prices. Our industry-leading quality ceramic products compatible with most OEM analyzers, including: Bruker®. Elementar®, ELTRA®, Gerhardt®, Velp®, Costech®, Horiba®, and LECO®.  Alpha’s ceramic products are made using proprietary formulas developed through over 40 years of manufacturing experience, resulting in consistent low blank values with strong durability. Count on Alpha Resources for quality!


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