AR2186-1000 Tin Foil Cups, 36mm x 36mm

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AR2186-1000 Tin Foil Cups, 36mm x 36mm

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Tin capsules, foils, and boats react exothermically with sample materials when exposed to heat and oxygen inside your combustion chamber. It is extremely important that the tin being used is contaminant-free to prevent any instability in sample analysis for CHNOS.

Alpha Resources® takes great pride in providing, high quality, low blank tin for all the products we supply. You have a choice of tin capsules, tin boats, or tin foil to suit the specific needs of your combustion analyzer whether it is a LECO®, HORIBA®, ELTRA®, and Bruker®. All of Alpha’s tin sample containment is USA-made.

Our sample containment choices include capsules and baskets – as well as boats and foils  –  in nickel, tin, silveraluminum, and gel.


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