AR213 Graphite Crucible (Dimension: H=1.25″ x OD=0.563″)

AR213 Graphite Crucible (Dimension: H=1.25″ x OD=0.563″)

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Since 1994, Alpha Resources® has manufactured high-quality, high-density graphite crucibles for inert gas fusion combustion analysis using only the highest quality graphite and manufacturing tools.

Our graphite tools have been tested over time to stand up to even the most difficult analysis. From the difficult-to-analyze titanium and zirconium to simpler applications like copper and steel, Alpha Resources® has a graphite crucible to meet your needs and quality control measures. We offer graphite or ceramic crucibles for all major OEMs including LECO®, HORIBA®, ELTRA®, and Bruker®.

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