AR01007 Quartz Combustion Tube, For Elementar

AR01007 Quartz Combustion Tube, For Elementar

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Alpha Resources® began blowing combustion glassware and quartzware in 1990. Our in-house glass shop, with over 60 years of glassblowing experience, is certified under ISO9001, ensuring our ability to maintain strict tolerances on all our products so you can be assured of 100% performance in your laboratory. We provide tubes made from Borosilicate Glass and Quartz.

  • Borosilicate Glass has a melting point around 820° Celsius and is generally used for low temperature operating applications.
  • Quartz has a higher melting point of 1,660° Celsius, and is generally used as combustion tubes and in other high-temperature operating environments.

We also supply OEMs directly under private label and can produce customized parts to your specifications.


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