AfriFusion stocks a wide array of high purity additives and oxidisers to assist in optimising your fusion techniques.


Description Pack Size Ultra-pure


Lithium Bromide Crystals 125g CFAO-100-125
Lithium Bromide Solution 15ml CFAO-101-15
Lithium Bromide Solution – 10 pack 15ml CFAO-101-15/10
Lithium Iodide Trihydrate Salt 125g CFAO-102-125
Lithium Iodide Solution 15ml CFAO-103-15
Lithium Iodide Solution – 10 pack 15ml CFAO-103-15/10
Lithium Fluoride Crystals 125g CFAO-104-125
Lithium Nitrate 250g CFAO-105-250
Lithium Nitrate 500g CFAO-105-500
Lithium Carbonate 500g CFAO-106-500
Lithium Carbonate 1 Kg CFAO-106-1000

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